e-Commerce Platform

Do you believe, like us, that the most important part of an eCommerce system is the hidden infrastructure and the integration with the information system?

Thanks to the Hyperspace Application Platform, you will have an innovative software platform that will allow you to manage a single product catalog in multiple languages and with multiple price lists, integration with the main eCommerce platforms, the main online payment system and shipping, and finally, interfacing with your ERP or WMS.

So, you will be able to perfectly integrate the data flow to and from to eCommerce system with your information system, updating in real-time the status of order progress, shipping information like the tracking number, and, at the end of the day, generate all the necessary reports. And with API any authorized external system will be able to connect in real-time to the Hyperspace Application.

Finally, thanks to Data Distribution, you will be able to update the catalogues, price lists, stock and online repositories automatically and directly.