Digital Asset Management

Do you know that the importance of digital resources is increasing, and their management is more complex and demands a centralized management system?

Thanks to the Hyperspace Application Platform, your information system will have a single data source for all your digital resources, which will ensure control and timeliness of publication, increasing the effectiveness of communication and maximizing efficiency.

You will be able to design and develop multimedia information systems to create, organize, and manage your digital contents, but mostly to distribute them automatically on different channels such as websites and applications.

With this ideal tool, you will be able to collect your database in a single application and make it usable through a single interface to the editorial staff, translators, agencies, and users. Since this system is easy to access and complete with all the search functions, users will be allowed to create, edit, upload, download, share, correct, print, filter, authorize and finally release, after the final control, the digital resources.