A set of special and innovative features to satisfy anyone’s needs and makes the Hyperspace Application Platform unique

Thanks to these infrastructure features, you will be able to design, manage, plan, control, administer, deploy and redesign your Hyperspace Application and also organize your data with innovative features such as timeline and clearance level.


Hyperspace Application Platform is developed to give the highest security standards for both data and media. Information will be passed to users only if authorized by the Administrator. The access could be granted at the application level, table level, or row level and, all functions, such as printing, exporting, or chat can be enabled or disabled for every single user or workgroup.
Documents and data will not be reachable by any other meaning than the Hyperspace Application and only after a correct login.


Both the author and the user interfaces are web applications, and for this reason, it’s sufficient to have a browser on desktop or mobile devices to use the Platform. In addition, thanks to its open architecture, a Hyperspace Application can be integrated easily with custom software solutions such as intranet and extranet applications or mobile apps.



Hyperspace Application Platform is able to manage workgroups so the Administrator can control permissions and authorization both at the group level (e.g., administration, marketing, management, production, ...) and user level.


Access to Hyperspace Application could also be enabled to external users, who can consult only their data and only the authorized tables.



With Clearance data access, it is possible to secure sensitive information by classifying them on different security levels so only the users with the right authorization level will be able to access the classified data.


The feature allows to split and filter the data according to a specific time interval, such as the fiscal year. The Timeline will therefore help to save time and gain in productivity by delimiting the data to a precise time frame, defined by the user, such as one or more years, and this for each view.



By enabling Versioning on a table, it is possible to keep the different versions of information (a record) as they have evolved over time. Versioning, for example, can be applied to a master data or a price list, in order to keep historical data and keep all data consistent.


Enabling Revision on a table allows the user to generate a new revision of information (a record) when necessary while retaining all previous revisions and their respective links. Revisioning, for example, can be applied to a request for quotation, so as to maintain all the history of the changes made.



The Freezing function allows the user to "freeze" information (record) and make it unchangeable or read-only. This feature can be very useful for information shared or of a fiscal nature that can therefore no longer be modified, except by enabled users.


Thanks to the Logging feature, every event that affects a single piece of data is recorded, so it is always possible to know who and when created, modified, or deleted the data.



The feature that allows to collect and display data in the network of relationships. The user will be able to display the network of relationships of each element, such as the connections of a customer, from the contacts in the address book, offices, offerings, orders, invoices, and documents; all that in a simple and immediate way.


In the Hyperspace Application Platform, every textual information can be searchable, both fields and files. From Table Manager, the Administrator can activate the full-text indexing features for every textual field, while files and notes are always indexed.



Hyperspace Application Platform offers a storage area where all the documents and files are archived. Each table or single row in every table can be associated with documents, files, and notes, and all the data can be text searched to easily find everything inside the Application.


Hyperspace Application Platform allows users to manage and customize Templates that can be used in the automatic generation of files (Word document, Excel Spreadsheet, Outlook mail, and combined as mail with attachment).
Documents will be created with all the information and Templates will gather data from the database in an automatic way.



Hyperspace Application Platform can be installed On-Premise or provided as a service in Cloud (SaaS). The Cloud version includes the following editions: Start, Pro, and Enterprise. The Cloud Engine version is also available for partners.


Hyperspace Application Platform is a solution software designed to operate in a business environment with enterprise-level architecture. Hyperspace Application Platform is scalable, distributed, and component-based and is designed to support interoperability and asynchronous functionalities.
The Platform is based on nearest Microsoft technologies like SQL Server, IIS, ASP.Net, and standard technologies like HTML 5, CSS 3 e JavaScript.