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A friendly author environment to create and evolve the Application

No technical database and programming skills are required, it just needs to create tables and authorize users. The next step is to apply the changes in the staging or production environment.


A modern and advanced web interface that guarantees a simple and intuitive user experience

The user interface provides many features to customize the views, collect data, suggest input values, and manage documents. With a simple click, the user can open Microsoft Office applications, generate Office documents, or activate specific external functions like Teams or browser.


A set of integrations to interface directly with the main service provider

It will be enough to configure the desired services to automate processes and data flow with supported providers such as express couriers or e-commerce platforms, and start exchanging data with the outside world.


A REST API to interact directly and in real-time with the Application

It is only needed to enable the API interface, authorize the users and tables, and select the verbs to allow customers, or suppliers, to interact directly and in real-time with the Hyperspace Application.


An open system able to exchange data with the information system and distribute digital assets with online repositories automatically

With some simple configurations, it will be possible to connect the application with ERP, WMS, or Company Service Bus and start to import and export data, and synchronize the processes or start to distribute digital assets with online repositories automatically.


A .Net library to develop customized software connected in real-time with the Application

Thanks to the .Net class library, it will be possible to customize the Hyperspace Application and then, connect it in real-time with a web or mobile application or any other kind of software, to create a single extended information system.


A set of special and innovative features to satisfy anyone’s needs and makes the Hyperspace Application Platform unique

Thanks to these infrastructure features, you will be able to design, manage, plan, control, administer, deploy and redesign your Hyperspace Application and also organize your data with innovative features such as timeline and clearance level.