Business Application

Why adjust your company to predefined software when you can customize the software to your company instead?

Thanks to the Hyperspace Application Platform, you will have an innovative, modern, open, and scalable management application that will allow you to evolve quickly, compete better, and grow faster.

You will be able to model the application to your current and future needs and take advantage of all the available integrations, from eCommerce platforms to IoT devices.

Thanks to the API, you will be able to interface the application directly with all internal and external sources and, with the .Net class library, autonomously develop any software component connected in real-time with your information system.

Furthermore, with the ASP.NET modules and the dedicated Javascript libraries, you will be able to create intranet and extranet web applications quickly and with extreme simplicity. It will allow company resources or customers to interact directly with your management system using a dedicated and customized web interface according to their needs.