A modern Web Interface to navigate into your Data (hyper)Space

With a Web Browser you can interact with the Application and expand the boundary to your External partners

Hyperspace Management Platform
The User Experience

Performing the day by day work is very easy with Hyperspace Application. An evolved and unique features assist Users in their daily activities.

They have access to a customizable interface and evolved features. They may have an immediate overview or display data in their relationships, automatically generate documents or mails, all with a simple click.

With Hyperspace Application you can organize users in workgroups and expand the use of the Application to your external partners.

The main items of Hyperspace Application are



Client and Office
User Group




Dynamic Dashboard

The Dashboard
The Dashbord is customizable for every workgroup and for each user: menu, panels, views and features can be activated or disactivated selectively.

The Dashboard offers an immediate and complete view on the status and progress of activities of own interest and provide all the shortcut to speed up the execution of the most recurring operations.
It can display views, cards, graphs panel, toolbox and everything you need.




Interactive View

The Views
The View window is one of the most important element of Hyperspace Application interface.

The main fueatures of a View are Data Query, Data Merge and Client Integration.

For every master view each user can create personal custom views and save it to reload whenever he wants. A simple Query By Example tool helps user to filter data as he wants and to select the desidered columns.

From View users can also generate documents with data from template and share it with external users. The View windows offers much other features like relations, notes, log view, export function and macro.



Data Merge
Hyperspace Application allows users to manage and customize templates that can be used in the automatic creation of documents. Documents will be generated with all the information of the selected field, and all the connected information gathered from the database in an automatic way. The applications Word Interface, Excel Interface and Outlook Interface will easily help users in managing documents and implementing templates.


Client Integration
Hyperspace Application integrates with client applications, with a simple click the user can open Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel and Outlook).


Relationships Network
All data are collect and display in their network of relationships. You can quickly see all the information associated to a customer: contacts, offices, offerings, orders and invoices, notes, documents; all that in a simple and immediate way.


Full Text Search
For complete searchs it is available the Full Text Indexing feature that can help users to quickly find the information on the fly, both in data rather then media.



Augmented Edit

The Edit
The Edit window is another one of the most important element of Hyperspace Application interface. From Edit window users can insert or modify data: fields are grouped, the edit is suggested from Wizard and the menu is contextualized.


Contextual Menu
The Edit windows reply the main menu of the Dashboard contextualized to the selected item. From the menu users can see all the the information associated to it and quikly jump to a new Edit window. Thanks to Relationships Network you can quickly see all the information associated to a customer: contacts, offices, offerings, orders and invoices, notes, documents; all that in a simple and immediate way.


Active Fields
Interactive input fields allow you to open new windows or activate specific external features like Skype or web browser.


Input Wizard
The Wizard helps users in the insertion of the data suggesting values, simplifying research and the insertion of new values. The Communication Center supports users in a pro-active way in the data entry job.


Magic Button
The Magig Button helps users to have an immediate and comprehensive overview of a specific situation at a glance (e.g. for a customer: total revenue, annual sales, order status, payment status, products purchased, ...).



Media Manager

Media Manager
Hyperspace Application can storage file of every kind (document, mail, PDF, movie, .…) and evolved functionalities will manage them, allowing searches of words either inside the database, either inside documents or notes. The Application storage is isolated and accessible only with Hyperspace Application from authorized users. The files are not visible from file system.



Communication Center

Communication Center
Hyperspace Application has communication center that manage all kind of alerts, supporting users in a pro-active way, through all the different goals he may have. In order to support office work, there is also a little chat for internal communication between users.



Client and Office Integration

Client and Office Integration
Hyperspace Application directly interact with Microsoft Office Applications. Thanks to Hyperspace Office Interface (Word Interface, Excel Interface and Outlook Interface) users have rapid access to files. From Hyperspace Application the users will also be able to interact with client software like Skype, web browser, fax server, VOIP telephones and so on.



User Group Manager

User Group and Workgroups
Hyperspace Application identifies two main type of users: internal useer and external one. Every kind of user can be associated to a Workgroup so that you can manage permissions and interface at the group level (e.g. administration, marketing, management, production, ...)



Shell Interface

The Connection
The standard access to Hyperspace Application is usually carried with a modern web browser, alternatively, when security requirements need more control, there are the Desktop Shell and Mobile Shell applications. In this case the access to the application, over then to be more controlled, can be allowed exclusively from Shell.


Desktop Shell
The Desktop Shell is the application than allow access to Hyperspace Application from personal computer. With Desktop Shell the user experience is the same of a traditional application and every system information are hidden.


Mobile Shell
The Mobile Shell is the application than allow access to Hyperspace Application from smartphone or tablet. With Mobile Shell the user experience is the same of a modern mobile app and every system information are hidden.







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