A Class Collection to interface all data in real time

With HS .Net Library you can interface in real time all your software with your Hyperspace Application, from e-commerce to production machine

Hyperspace Management Platform
The Development

Hyperspace Management Platform is an open platform that can be managed with a friendly author environment from anyone but it is also a flexible base to shape a tailor-made solution.

You can boost your information system to your liking with a little effort, with Hyperspace Interface Library you can create unique extended information system to keep everything Under Control




Interactive DLL
Shadow User
Real Time




Interactive DLL Generation


Hyperspace Management Platform lets you to generate on demand the Hyperspace Interface Library, which is specific to the required use. At every structural change of the Hyperspace Application you will be able to generate a new Library and then share the new changes with the satellite software.

This approch allows you to keep separate the different development process and the security level of the data access.



Shadow User Interface

Hyperspace Management Platform manage different kinds of system users. From Application Manager you can activate or deactivate outside communications and then enable specific typology of system user.



Real Time Control

With Hyperspace Interface Library the communications from and to Hyperspace Application is in real time. This mean you to know the status of the satellite processes at a glance. The orders from e-Commerce web site, data entry from Intranet applications or data production can be collected, processed and displyed in real time in the Application Dashboard.



Centralized Collector

Thanks to Hyperspace Interface Library every Services Interface are availables to the satellite software. This allow you to centralize the management and the control of the strategic services and to reduce times, complexity and cost of the integrations. The typical example can be the integration with on-line payment system, in this case what is needed is one Services Interface to payment system and how much you want call to it.




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