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Hyperspace Management Platform is a revolutionary business platform to self make professional Data Driven Applications

Why do I need to adapt my business to a predefined software when I can customize the software to my Business? I did it!

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Andrea Barbieri
CEO of DataLabor.Com
Software House in Parma (Italy)

Finally I have my customized ERP

I have personaly designed my ERP and Hyperspace was able to follow all my needs.
Presence management is given to a biometric sensor, production times is given to a small terminal, at the end of the month I only have to click a couple of buttons in order to complete all processes.
I am only at the beginning of the integration, but I understood the great potential that the Hyperspace platform offers.
Next step will be integration with the phone server and the activation of a mobile application of the ERP.
I am so happy of this platform, that I begin to propose it to my customers.



A Flexible Base to Shape a Tailor-Made Solution, from the Deployment to the Features, from the Users to the Integrations.
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