An open and solid architecture to Integrate your Systems

With View Manager and Services Interface you can interact with external sources to collect or interchange data: you can have a single top level interface to dominate your entire data flow

Hyperspace Management Platform
The Integration

EDP manager and technical users could have access to an evolved Platform that grant a way to create or manage application with embedded data or linked to external data sources.

The Hyperspace Management Platform offers tools for importing or exporting data, to interface Hyperspace Application with external services and to interchange data.

The main features of Integration are

Data Base




Author Environment

Application Manager
Application Manager is the friendly author environment where you can manage your Hyperpsace Application. From the Application Manager you can also manage data View to external source.



Data Base Utility

Import Tool
The Import Tool allows to import omogeneous or etherogeneous data from archives or files into an hyperspace new application. All that with an easy and interactive way embedded in the platform.


Export Tool
The Export Tool manage to easilly export all the archives embedded in Hyperspace into a MS SQL Server Databa. That could be useful to migrate to another platform.



Services Interface

Interface Services
Interface Services give to the user an easy way to interconnect the hyperspace application with external systems, like mail servers, online payment systems, data transfers and so on.
Thanks to them, the hyperspace application domain can also be extended to secondary data fluxes. Those will be interactive into the application as if they were directly inserted from hyperspace, giving maximum flexibility and interaction.
Interface Services can interact with third party webservices or with files or DB updated by an external hardware.
After the online activation of the Services Interface, they will be already usable and managed by Hyperspace.
Interfaces are ongoing projects, as each of our customers gives to us new challenges to overcome. By now main interface services by now are:


Mail Server
Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS)
Gmail API


Online Payment System
PayPal Checkout and Payment
CartaSì Credit Card


UPS host to host Integration


Echelon ILON Smart Server


Data Interchange
Corporate Bank interaction Fluxes




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