With the Author Environment you can manage menu, tables, views, users, permissions and macros, and then, try it in the Test Environment or deploy in the Production Environment

Hyperspace Management Platform
The Design

Creating or managing Hyperspace Applications is a very easy task. Thanks to a friendly author environment you can configure and adapt it quickly to your needs.

Users with no particular technical skills will be able to create their application from scratches or starting from a template.

The main features of Hyperspace Platform are







Author Environment

Application Manager
Application Manager is the friendly author environment where you can manage your Hyperpsace Application. From the Application Manager you can monitor the Application or administrate the features (enable external users or system users, upgrade licence and so on).

Application Manager is composed by Table Manager, View Manager, User Manager and Workgroup Manager.




Test Environment
Hyperspace Management Platform has a test environment that is isolated from the production environment. In the test environment you can check all updates to tables structures and data access, before allowing them to pass to the production environment.

To apply updates you must only do a Play!





Security Level

Hyperspace Management Platform is developed in order to grant the highest standards of security either for data either for media. Information will be passed to users only if authorized by the Hyperspace Administrator.

Access could be granted at application level, table level or row level. All function, such as printing, exporting or chat can be enabled or disabled for every single user or workgroup.

Documents and data will not be reachable by any other meaning than the application and only after a correct login.


User Group Manager
Hyperspace Management Platform allows you to manage users working groups so that you can manage permissions and authorization at the group level (e.g. administration, marketing, management, production, ...)


External Users
Access to Hyperspace Application could also be enabled to external users: a partner that is inserted in registry could be granted access to the platform in order to consult only his own data.





Data Interaction

Table and Data Interaction
All tables can be connected to other tables in order to create an interaction. The more data is imported, the more each single information is connected among others. Therefore, each user will be granted a view of a "Space" which is no more mono-dimensional, but a Hyperspace by all meanings.


Dynamic Chunking
An outstanding technology that will allow you to collect and display data in their network of relationships. You could quickly see all the information associated to a customer: the contacts in the address book, offices, offerings, orders and invoices, notes, documents; all that in a simple and immediate way.


Full Text Search
In Hyperspace Management Platform every textual information can be searchable, both fields and files. From Table Manager the Application's Administrator can activate the full text indexing features for every textual field while files and notes are always indexed.




Media Storage

Media Manager
Hyperspace Management Platform offers a storage area where record all the documents and files of your interest.

Each table or single row in every table can be associated with media, documents and notes. All the data stored can be text searched in order to easily find everything inside Hyperspace. All sort of file can be stored.

Specific Media can be share with external users.


Data Merge
Hyperspace Management Platform allows users to manage and customize templates that can be used in the automatic creation of files (Word document, Excel Spreadsheet, Outlook mail, and combined as mail with attachment). Those templates will gather data from the database in an automatic way.

All users will be able to create templates for themselves or accessible to groups.




User Experiences

Advanced User Interface
Hyperspace Application has evolved and unique features, like:

  • Personal Dashboard: customizable dashboard for an immediate and complete view on the status and progress of activities of each user jurisdiction and interest
  • Custom Views: highly customizable views on the context selected data
  • Magic Button: specific overview for an immediate and comprehensive view of the situation (e.g. for a customer: total revenue, annual sales, order status, payment status, products purchased, ...)
  • Active Fields: interactive input fields that allow you to open new tabs or activate specific external features (e.g. sending e-mail, links to webpages, telephone calls, ...)
  • Input Wizard: an aid in the insertion of the required data, suggestions of input values, selection and research, simplifying the insertion of new values.


Client Integration
Hyperspace Application integrates seamlessly with client applications: with a simple click the user can open Microsoft Office Applications or other software like Skype or web browser.


Office Applications Interface
Hyperspace Management Platform has Word Interface, Excel Interface and Outlook Interface that directly interact with Media Storage.

Those applications will easily help users in implementing templates creating label, if-clause. loop and scopes.


Communication Center
HyperSpace Management Platform has Communication Center that manage all kind of alerts, supporting users in a pro-active way, through all the different goals he may have. In order to support office work, there is also a little chat for internal communication between users.


Applications Selector
From one unique interface users can log into all your Hyperspace applications: an easy access to different kind of features, all inside the same interface.




Application Deployment

Hyperspace Management Platform can be installed On-Premise or provided as a service in Cloud.


System Requirements
Hyperspace Management Platorm is a web application (Microsoft ASP.Net) that can be used both in intranet and extranet environment, with traditional devices or mobile type.
Minimal requirements: Windows Server 2008 R2, IIS, MS SQL Server 2014, Browser




Application Template

Sharing Template
In Hyperspace Management Platorm we also developed the sharing of applications. Any user can share the “skeleton” of his application (without data) and let someone else start his personal application from this specific starting point. This enables the users to gain time for developing the application further on, shaping it to his personal necessities.

Hyperspace comes with preconfigured repository of database templates, designed to make the creation of typical or customized applications easier.





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